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April/May 2008

King's Ridge Christian School
Preparing Students for College & Beyond
by Carrie Whitney

King’s Ridge Christian School might be less than a decade old, but what an outstanding first seven years the school has had. And with a 70-acre campus, new buildings on the way and a booming student body—projected at 750 students for the 2008- 2009 school year—the future of King’s Ridge certainly looks promising.

Offering non-denominational college preparatory education for grades K through 12, King’s Ridge Christian School has a mission focusing on three areas: Christian community; college preparatory; and equipping students to know, to serve and to believe. “We are one of the only schools in the area that has this unique mission,” says King’s Ridge director of admission/marketing Lisa McGuire.

King’s Ridge is a Christian school, but as a non-denominational organization, it is not affiliated with any specific church, nor is it a covenant school. That means King’s Ridge is open to any student. “We’re very inclusive, we’re inviting and open to people,” says McGuire. “We weave Christianity through everything we do. It’s a lifestyle that we practice.” Students at King’s Ridge attend chapel once a week and participate in Christian education classes twice a week.

As a college prep school, King’s Ridge offers students the advanced types of classes that prepare them for the next step. Part of that preparation includes a strong focus on technology, equipping students with the skills necessary for careers of today and tomorrow. The entire campus has wireless Internet capabilities, and the school provides its students with high-tech hardware.

With a strong focus on technology, King's Ridge Christian
School prepares students for today's high-tech society.
In addition to promoting strong education, King’s Ridge believes that students should know how to foster good relationships throughout life. There is a daily expectation that students will learn how to interact with others and how to properly conduct themselves. Students take on responsibility and develop leadership skills through activities such as participating on the Honor Council and serving as Student Ambassadors.

King’s Ridge also offers a variety of other extracurricular activities such as French and Spanish clubs, Key Club, Beta Club and Junior Beta Club. The school boasts more than 40 sports teams for grades six through 12, including an equestrian team, and there is a Junior Tiger sports program for the younger students. The lighted athletic facilities comprise multiple fields and an athletic center.

Finally, since King’s Ridge is a new and growing school, students, parents and the community have a chance to get involved and make a difference from the beginning. Parents remain highly involved with the school in a variety of ways, from volunteering on committees to helping out in the classroom. King’s Ridge parent John Smoltz (as in, the Atlanta Braves pitcher) is the school’s chairman of the board. “King’s Ridge has become an anchor where families congregate and build their friendships,” says McGuire.

The first King’s Ridge graduating class walked across the stage in 2007. With its commitment to the social, spiritual and academic life of its students, King’s Ridge can look forward to many future graduations.

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