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February/March 2008

In-Home Tutors of Atlanta
Giving Students an Academic Edge
by Carrie Whitney

Finding the right tutor may be the answer for some students—particularly for those who have recently relocated and are navigating a new school and community. A tutor might make an incredible difference to students who are having difficulty in any subject. In-Home Tutors of Atlanta matches students and parents with the right tutors, with the added benefit of bringing the tutoring into the family’s home.

Since 2002, In-Home Tutors has offered assistance to Atlanta students in subjects such as reading, math, science, Spanish and French. SAT and ACT prep is also available. Because the company has nearly 400 tutors in its database, it can also find the right tutor for both the student’s academic needs and personality. With such a broad range of specialties, In-Home Tutors not only helps with math and reading, but also assists with a variety of other subjects, including less common foreign languages such as Hebrew and German, writing skills as high as the graduate level and even GED prep for adults interested in earning a high school diploma. Recently, In-Home Tutors added speech therapy to its offerings. Specialized areas such as homework coaching and study skills have become popular for students who need help with organization. Homework coaches look at a student’s assignments and devise a plan so that the student is not attempting to complete all tasks simultaneously.

In-Home Tutors sends the tutor to the student’s home, so the company does not have the overhead of a facility. As a result, In-Home is able to offer competitive wages to its tutors, thereby attracting some of the most skilled tutors in the city. In-Home Tutors can also pair families with tutors near their homes, which results in flexible scheduling that is more convenient. This means that tutoring for home-schooled children, college students and adults can take place during the day at their convenience. Weekend tutoring is also available.

In-Home Tutors combines flexible scheduling with a no-contract payment method. Students receive tutoring for the duration that they need it and for as long as it works for the family. Thus, families are able to arrange for vacation time and sick days without losing money paid into a contract.

Students having trouble in school may certainly see benefits from working with a tutor. And since In-Home Tutors does not subscribe to a particular educational methodology, each tutor can adapt to the style of the child. So students with all types of learning styles can get the help they need.

However, tutoring can also help students maintain good grades, which is particularly important for students entering a new school following a move. Dennis Freeman of In-Home Tutors explains, “It’s tempting for parents to wait until their child is failing before they seek a tutor. But many of our clients have come to realize that it’s best to maintain a regular weekly tutoring session, even when the child’s grades are fine. This way, they never have a chance to fall behind.” Finding the right tutor and making it work for the family may be the key to a child’s continued academic success. For more information about In-Home Tutors of Atlanta and its services, call 770-645-8750 or visit

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