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| Fall 2021

2021 Education Guide

Atlanta Independent School Directory

Atlanta is home to many excellent schools and learning resources,

which means you can find exactly the right environment for a challenging and nurturing education for your child. The following profiles represent a selection of independent schools and nearby boarding schools serving the metro Atlanta area. For additional information about the schools listed below, including location, tuition, class size and open house dates, turn to "Beyond the Basics.".

Arbor Montessori School

Arbor Montessori School prepares children to go anywhere. Anywhere their interests, dreams, and passions take them.

  • The school teaches its students math, science, and language so they can thrive anywhere academically.
  • It encourages independence, self-direction and critical reasoning so students have the tools to make good decisions anywhere their life takes them.
  • Arbor teaches collaboration, cooperation, and peace because it knows children can be agents of change anywhere they go in the world.

Since 1970, Arbor has been the flagship of Montessori education in Atlanta. Today, it is one of the largest Montessori schools in the Southeast and regarded as a benchmark for Montessori education worldwide. Children ages 18 months through eighth grade receive individualized attention and curricula in developmentally- appropriate environments from understanding, knowledgeable, experienced faculty. “Arbor provides an authentic Montessori education,” says Luci David, an Arbor parent. “The teachers are kind, patient, and passionate; the classrooms and play areas are beautiful and safe. Most importantly, my child is flourishing and is excited to go to school every day.”

Arbor’s flagship campus sits on a 4-acre wooded lot offering students opportunities to engage in the natural world. In addition to an outstanding academic program, Arbor offers art, music, Spanish, before- and after-school care, a strong athletics program, extracurriculars, and a close-knit community.

Arbor’s second campus on Scott Boulevard offers a conveniently-located, smaller community of toddler and 3- to 6-year-old primary classes. Children benefit from intentionally-designed materials and experienced teachers. Arbor’s teachers offer lessons promoting meaningful work, encouraging children to be the optimal version of themselves. The founders’ vision has become a reality. Go here, then go anywhere. For more information, visit or call 404-321-9304.

Atlanta International School

Atlanta International School is an inclusive, multicultural, community providing a worldclass education to 1,307 US and international students from kindergarten (starting with 3-year-olds) to Grade 12.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) provides a rigorous academic structure that is complemented by language acquisition programs beginning with a full-immersion preschool program in French, German, Chinese and Spanish.

In addition to the prestigious IB diploma, Atlanta International School offers STEM- and STEAM-endorsed and bilingual diplomas. The curriculum is further enhanced with a wide range of age-appropriate activities to help expand learning experiences beyond the classroom. Students can participate in awardwinning performing and fine arts opportunities, competitive athletics, and an impressive range of global experiential learning options, all designed to help students realize the school’s mission: To develop courageous leaders who shape their world for the better.

Along with the authorization to offer IB education, AIS is also accredited by the following academic programs: AdvancED/Cognia, Agency of French Teaching Abroad (aefe), Council for International Schools (CIS), European Council for International Schools (ECIS), and Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS).

For more information, visit or call 404-841-3840.

Baylor School

Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Baylor School is among the finest college prep schools in the country and is only two hours from Atlanta. Academics is one constant in Baylor’s 128-year history because it provides a college preparatory program that engages, challenges, and inspires students to achieve their greatest academic potential at both Baylor and beyond.

While Baylor is first and foremost an academic institution, it believes that prepping students for college requires attention to the body and the spirit as well as the mind. That commitment is reflected in every aspect of Baylor life outside the classroom.

Its students find that balance on what is arguably the most beautiful independent school campus in the Southeast, with 690 acres along the Tennessee River and an abundance of extracurricular opportunities. The campus is home to boarding students from 15 countries and 23 states who enjoy a deep sense of community while discovering an independence most students are not able to experience until college. For more information, visit or call 423-267-5902.

The Bedford School

The Bedford School offers a fresh start to students who have been frustrated in a traditional setting due to learning differences. The school serves children in grades 1-9 who have been professionally identified as having specific learning disabilities and related disorders.

The mission of The Bedford School is to maximize the potential of children with learning differences and develop foundations for success; this is accomplished through small classes (5-12 per class), a structured, multi-sensory approach and a dedicated staff.

The school was established in 1985 and currently serves 150 students. The Squirrel Hollow Camp summer program offers academic tutoring and recreational activities. The camp is open to children who need an academic boost in the summer; a student does not have to be enrolled in the school to attend summer camp. Students receive tutoring in reading, math and written expression and participate in recreational activities on its Challenge Course and its outdoor pool. Bedford is located on a 45-acre campus in Fairburn, 15 minutes south of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. For more information, contact The Bedford School at 770- 774-8001 or visit

Brandon Hall School

Brandon Hall’s mission as a co-educational, global day and boarding school is to challenge students to lead lives of leadership, scholarship, and service. Its community celebrates learning, fosters global citizenship, embraces diversity, encourages athleticism and artistic expression, and inspires students to find their path and lead the way.

The school’s 24-acre campus in Sandy Springs is historically and naturally preserved, nestled on the Chattahoochee River. An average class size of 8:1 ensures that students are fully engaged learners, and its diverse community comprises 22 countries and 10 states. The IB Diploma Programme is offered to eligible students entering their junior year. Brandon Hall offers world-class arts and athletics partnerships and a variety of extracurricular clubs. All students have regular opportunities to serve local and international communities through its extensive partnerships.

The Center for Global Youth Leadership inspires students to be innovators, problem-solvers, and pioneers. Boarding students benefit from the school’s structured and organized program that teaches accountability, character, study habits, and essential life skills.

For more information, visit or call 770-394-8177.

The Friends School of Atlanta

The Friends School of Atlanta (FSA) provides challenging academics in a diverse environment, drawing on values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship to empower students to go out into the world with conscience, conviction and compassion.

Founded as a model of diversity in 1991, FSA strives to address the development of the whole child and seeks to educate for peace and justice by nurturing that of goodness within each student. Offering classes for children from PreK3 through eighth grade, FSA’s program is designed to prepare students for a successful high school future and a lifetime of engagement as thoughtful citizens. Enrolling for 2021-22, class space permitting. For more information, visit, or call 404-373-8746.

The Cottage School

Building a sense of self for students with special learning needs through academic and experiential programming, The Cottage School (TCS) prepares individuals for fulfillment of their true potential as confident, productive, and independent adults.

The Cottage School provides an educational environment for students with learning differences in grades 4-12. It prides itself in meeting the student where he or she needs to be met. It also recognizes that all students learn differently, so it teaches differently.

Based on three pillars of success: academic, social and emotional, TCS school offers:

  • Small class sizes (10-student average) for individualized learning.
  • Customized education plans for every student.
  • A work-based, incentive-based model that teaches life skills.
  • A year-round sports program that encourages all students to participate.
  • A required post-secondary plan that insures continued success after graduation (or “to insure”).

Come visit the beautiful 23-acre campus and contact the director of admissions for an appointment today. For more information, call 770-641-8688 or visit

Johns Creek Montessori School of Georgia

A Montessori education develops children who are responsible, creative, innovative, respectful and kind. Montessori children are truly the citizens of the future, equipped to face challenges with confidence and competence.

Located near the intersection of Hwy. 141 and McGinnis Ferry Road in Johns Creek, Johns Creek Montessori School of Georgia provides excellence in Montessori education for infants, toddlers and children up to 6 years old.

JCMSOG provides an authentic Montessori environment, where each individual’s needs are respected, and everyone works together for the good of the community. The focus is always on helping the children develop themselves in a caring, peaceful environment. By helping children develop independence, the school assists them in their physical and emotional development. As their sense of security in their ability to care for themselves and their environment grows, their brains have more energy or “bandwidth” for increased academic learning. Additionally, this focus on development of muscular control is a first step in developing self-discipline. The JCMSOG difference is best experienced in person. To schedule a visit with your child to observe its “Montessori Magic,” call 770-814-8001 or visit

Georgia Cyber Academy

Georgia Cyber Academy is a tuition- free, online, public charter school serving students in grades K-12 throughout the state. Enjoy everything you love about traditional brick-and-mortar education, from the comfort of your own home! Once partnered with the school’s certified teachers and a Family Success liaison, your student will participate in live interactive classes and an engaging curriculum that supports their individualized learning path. Students access lessons and live classes via an online learning management system, and laptops are provided to qualifying families. During the school day, a parent or guardian acts as a learning coach to provide support and guidance to the student while in the safety and security of the home environment.

Since 2007, the school has been providing high-quality, accredited education to students throughout the state. Some of the programs and services it provides include an advanced & gifted program, English learner program, special education services, counseling, Advanced Placement courses, dual enrollment and many more. Students also have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of in-person social activities, including field trips, extracurricular clubs, sports, college visits, and even an annual Statewide Community Event Day held in several different regions throughout Georgia!

Interested in enrolling your student at GCA? The school would love for you and your family to join its community of champions. Working together, Georgia Cyber Academy can help your student Rise Up, Aim High, and Soar toward his or her bright future!
Do you have questions about the school or the enrollment process? For more information, call 404-334-4790, visit or email

Mount Paran Christian School

As a grades PreK3- 12 non-denominational, collegepreparatory school, Mount Paran Christian School provides an innovative education to a diverse community of learners within a liberal arts framework, all for the Glory of God.

Mount Paran is committed to excellence in academics, award-winning arts, and championship athletics. Located on a 68-acre collegiatelike campus, it unites with home and church to prepare servant-leaders to honor God, love others, and walk in Truth.

With Bible classes, weekly chapel, discipleship, and service opportunities, faith becomes integrated into who Mount Paran students are, building on a strong moral foundation. Within small classes, the school offers 56 AP/ honors courses, instructional support, robotics, STEAM, and 1:1 devices. Its aim is to develop servant-leaders in the classroom, on the ball field, on the stage, and in the community. For more information, visit or call 770-578-0182.

High Meadows School

Since 1973, High Meadows School has inspired children to think critically, learn creatively, act globally, and live compassionately. High Meadows is about learning and laughter, exploration and discovery, and friendship and connection. The school was built on 42 acres of historic farm property in Roswell, where students from 3 years old through eighth grade experience a school environment where adventure and play go hand in hand with extraordinary academic preparation and exemplary student outcomes. From the outstanding faculty and breathtaking campus to the small class sizes and acclaimed International Baccalaureate curriculum, a High Meadows School education is unlike any other. Visit us to experience the magic of High Meadows! 1055 Willeo Rd., Roswell, GA 30075. For more information, visit or call 770-993-2940.

Lyndon Academy

Linda Murdock founded Lyndon Academy in 2005 with an interest in creating an elite private educational experience for local and international students alike. Now, 16 years later, this goal has been met with flying colors. But that doesn’t mean the school is resting on its past accomplishments.

With its small classrooms and a vested interest in seeing pupils grow into leaders, Lyndon sees that its students, no matter how young, are confident and eager to engage in classroom activities. Students are taught to speak up and share what they’ve learned.

There’s a lot that goes into that level of preparedness and enthusiasm, but perhaps the biggest detail is the student teacher ratios in relation to the advanced courses offered. With a ratio of 8 to 1, students receive personal instruction in a wide range of topics, from hands-on science opportunities to immersive studies in Spanish and Mandarin. In addition to meeting local public and private institutions class for class, Lyndon offers more AP classes than the average school in the U.S.

As a family-founded school, Lyndon knows the importance of social development, and it helps to create this through athletics, special events, and extracurricular activities. The competitive sports teams have tapped into school pride and taken home local, regional, and state awards. The school is also taking strides to include a number of artistic endeavors for growing minds, including its band and choral group.

This is Lyndon’s goal in motion: preparing young minds for the rigors of higher education, from Pre-K to high school.

For more information, call 770-926-0166 or visit

McCallie School

What if Atlanta’s best school isn’t in Atlanta? What if the best school for your son is just two hours north on I-75?

McCallie is a school built for boys. Everything at McCallie, from its curriculum to the extracurricular programs, has been designed with the unique needs of boys in mind. Its classrooms are active and interactive because it knows boys respond better in classes where they have time to move, play, and interact with their teachers and classmates. McCallie even developed its schedule with a later start time to give boys the rest they need to function at their best.

Not only is McCallie designed with the needs of boys in mind, but it works to customize the experience for each individual student. McCallie partners with students and their families to build a personalized experience created around students’ strengths, talents, and interests.

McCallie’s robust curriculum and wide variety of activities and organizations give students an opportunity to pursue their passions and discover new ones. Academically, every student will have an experience that will challenge him while also offering him the support to help him thrive.

McCallie boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including a Center for Animation, Video, and Entertainment, an Innovation and Engineering lab, an indoor golf facility, indoor tennis facilities, an outdoor lake, a Sports and Activities Center, and much more. When you choose McCallie, you are choosing a community of faculty and peers who challenge, support, mentor, and guide your son.

You are choosing to be challenged both academically and personally. You are choosing to push the limits of who you can be. Because at McCallie, you can be an athlete, a thinker, a motivator, an artist, and much more.

For more information, visit or call 423-493-5848.

The Piedmont School of Atlanta

The Piedmont School of Atlanta serves children in kindergarten through high school with challenges in the areas of learning, social skills, and social problem-solving. Typically, Piedmont students have a diagnosis of autism, learning disability, and/or attention deficit disorder. Certified, master’s-level teachers deliver differentiated instruction. The curriculum exceeds the Georgia Standards and includes PE, art, foreign language, theater, social-emotional, and ethical behavior, transition planning, job coaching, and community-based instruction when COVID-19 permits. The Piedmont School has been named a Boxlight National Demonstration School serving as a model site for incorporating technology in the classroom. For more information call The Piedmont School of Atlanta at 404-382-8200 or visit

Porter Academy

“We are so pleased with the progress he has made so far this year. He is beaming when he reads aloud, and his confidence is soaring. He is no longer too timid to take chances and try something new. We couldn’t be happier!”

— Porter Academy parent

When parents first tour Porter Academy, many of them feel heavy with frustration, anxiety, and sadness because they have fought hard for their children, but with little success to show for their efforts. These same families, within a few months of enrollment, are able to relax and feel hopeful, knowing that their children are finally happy and learning. The school’s founder, Claudia Porter, didn’t teach a curriculum; she taught a child. She knew each child’s passions, strengths, and stumbling blocks. She knew that their past struggles had made them feel less ... less capable, less important ... and that these feelings had led many of them to resist trying. They had learned to slip through the cracks or to distract from the real problems by acting out behaviorally. Mrs. Porter knew that the first step to getting children to learn was to rebuild their self-confidence and self-respect. The school has grown, but the child-centered care and teaching persists, enabling each child to find joy and success in learning. For more information, call 770-594-1313 or visit

The Suzuki School

The Suzuki School is a preparatory preschool committed to providing young children with the best in early childhood education. Its belief in the innate ability and talent of every child guides them in creating an environment rich in language, discovery, and stimulation. They know that a child’s learning experience begins right away, and that every moment is an opportunity to engage and explore. Suzuki recognizes that the first years of life are the most critical in the development of an inquisitive mind and a noble heart. The Suzuki School’s faculty is comprised of well-qualified trained educators who also serve as thought leaders for other professionals in the field of early childhood education.

With a full-time program for infants, toddlers, and preschoolaged children, the Suzuki School has been built upon these Five Foundations: Love of Learning, Respect for Nature, Culture and Tradition, A Noble Heart, and Talent Education. For more information, call 404-841-3939 or visit

Springmont School

Springmont, the oldest Montessori school in the Southeast, offers students 18 months through middle school an authentic Montessori experience that is extraordinary by design. Individualized learning inspires students to become creative, independent, and globally minded. Classrooms are large, light-filled, and thoughtfully prepared while the campus’ many natural areas, class gardens, and farm animals afford rich outdoor life science lessons. Specially designed Montessori materials support children’s developmental needs and offer students a wide variety of handson activities that concretely reinforce skills, lessons and concepts. Highly-experienced teachers guide students through an individualized curriculum that develops the whole child—socially, emotionally, and academically. Multi-aged classes allow younger children to learn from older ones and older students to
mentor younger classmates.

Art, music, physical education, and Spanish are important parts of each student’s experience. At Springmont, each student is challenged to reach his or her fullest potential and is empowered to help steer his or her own education. Students’ innate curiosity grows into a lifelong love of learning and a quest for meaningful discoveries and deeper knowledge.

Middle school students run micro-economies, participate in internships, and compete in regional academic competitions. They have opportunities to hone time-management skills, experience active leadership roles, articulate complex ideas, and work both independently and in diverse groups.

Springmont graduates are confident, collaborative, engaged learners, prepared for success in Atlanta’s premier high schools as well as life beyond academics. Springmont School—Extraordinary by Design. For more information, call 404-252-3910 or visit

St. Joseph Catholic School

Celebrating 68 years of Catholic education as a pre-K4-8th-grade school within the Archdiocese of Atlanta, St. Joseph Catholic School is a twice-recognized National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence! Located in Marietta, a few blocks north of the historic Marietta Square, the school draws students from Cobb, Cherokee, Paulding, and Fulton counties and focuses on educating the whole child through its curriculum.

One key to the school’s success is the dedicated, certified faculty and staff. By continuing to use new methods of instruction, combined with programs such as Orton-Gillingham, Wilson Language, Touch Math, and STREAM activities, St. Joseph offers an outstanding curriculum for its students. Each student has a computer or iPad and receives instruction on the Google, Microsoft, and Apple platforms. In addition to the core area subjects, students receive instruction in the fine arts, and for students who need extra support in school, the school offers a guidance counselor, learning specialist, and speech and language pathologist.

The school offers an extended care program, as well as extracurricular activities for its students. It has a rigorous curriculum, certified teachers, and a supportive environment—as one of its parents stated, “How wonderful to drop your child off at school and know that she is being cared for by such a lovely, capable teacher!” Come experience St. Joseph Catholic School — “Educating the mind… Expanding the heart.” For more information, call 770-428-3328, or visit Follow the school at Facebook/sjcs.marietta, Twitter/SJCS_ MariettaGA, or Instagram/sjcs_marietta.

Still Waters International Academy

If you’re looking for a place to call home, Still Waters International Academy (SWIA) serves children from day care through 12th grade. With students and staff from many nations, Still Waters is a community that provides students with an excellent education with Scripture at its center.

Its goal is to prepare students to succeed in competitive environments and develop their unique abilities to the fullest to show forth God’s glory. The school believes small class-size ratios create the most effective classroom environments for students to learn, be challenged, and develop positive relationships.

SWIA is a private Christian school located in Norcross. Its families love the convenience of a day care and K-12 school in one location. SWIA has a ST2E2AM internship program where middle and high school students work alongside industry leaders to create engineering solutions. ST2E2AM stands for Science, Technology, Theology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Art, and Math.

The core curriculum is Abeka Book, and Spanish and Chinese are a part of the curriculum as well. K-12 students participate in project-based learning within a grade-level context. The school’s joy is to see each child grow to become lifelong lovers of learning for the purpose of serving God’s people.

For more information, call 770-449-4125 to schedule a tour or visit

Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School

Founded in 1903 and located just two hours north of Atlanta, Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School prepares young people for college, career, and a lifetime of leadership and service. On its beautiful mountain campus, Rabun Gap inspires students to grow in character, intellect, and spirit. The school values educational accessibility and fosters a community of learners whose diversity is honored and reflects the world. Rabun Gap-Nacoochee is the most geographically diverse boarding school in the nation, made up of a student body from 56 Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School different countries and 15 states.

The 1,400-acre mountain campus provides many opportunities for hands-on learning, as well as arts and athletic activities. Rabun Gap students graduate ready for college: 100 percent attend the top colleges and universities in the U.S. and around the world. Rabun Gap makes a boarding school education a reality for families, with more than 75 percent of students receiving financial aid and merit scholarships. For more information, call 706-746-7720 or visit

The Quadrilingual Academy

Language is so important in today’s world. Imagine the global opportunities available to a child if he or she knows four of the world’s top languages. The Quadrilingual Academy is the first school in the area (and possibly the nation) that immerses children in four different languages at once. Students learn Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, and English.

The school, which celebrated its one-year anniversary Aug. 1, offers classes for toddlers, pre-K, and elementary students through first grade, with plans to expand into a full-service elementary school. Unlike schools that ask children to choose one language track, Quadrilingual strives to make kids lifelong learners of all four languages. This year it became accredited for its Pre-K and Elementary program with the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC) and is a candidate school teaching the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.

The owner and her husband, Jessa and Jim Depew, started the school after identifying a need for a place for their own children to learn. When Jessa studied abroad in France while in high school, she saw firsthand the impact of speaking another language. “It’s the difference between communicating and connecting,” she says. “Once they learned I spoke French, the local people and culture opened up in ways that wouldn’t have happened with a language barrier. I want to open up the world for my children and our students.”

For more information, call 404-777-QUAD (7823) or visit

Wesleyan School

Wesleyan School believes faith and intellect are great partners with each other. At Wesleyan, it’s not a matter of choosing faith or intellect, but rather using both to create the best possible education for your child. The school leadership and faculty work to provide students with an atmosphere that is challenging, reinforces the value of hard work, and emphasizes character and integrity above accomplishment. Wesleyan prepares students for each stage of life and provides them the opportunity to see all the possibilities that lie before them.

The school is located just outside of I-285 in Peachtree Corners. Wesleyan started the 2021-22 school year with 1,171 students enrolled in grades K-12. Wesleyan offers bus routes throughout the metro Atlanta area and has morning and afternoon options. For more information or to schedule a campus tour, call 770-448-7640 or visit

The Walker School

At The Walker School, the infinite worth and dignity of each student define its approach to learning. Walker is the top pre-K3-12th-grade school open to all faiths in metro Atlanta. At Walker, students engage in advanced academics taught by dynamic faculty. With an average class size of 15 students, each child is challenged, supported and encouraged to explore all opportunities on its campus.

At Walker, you can star in the fall musical, represent your school on the soccer field and design your own genetic research project. Upper school students are able to customize their high school experience, choosing from a wide range of academic offerings, including 26 of the 31 College Board Advanced Placement courses. Most of all, your child is known.

One hundred percent of graduates are accepted to fouryear colleges and universities. Walker students are excited and confident about college and beyond. Walker is located 2 miles from the Marietta Square, and it offers more than 20 bus routes in the metro area. At The Walker School, tuition assistance is available to bridge the gap between the cost of tuition and a family’s ability to pay. For more information about the wonder of Walker, visit

Vanguard School

Vanguard School, located in Lake Wales, Florida, is a learning environment that addresses student strengths and challenges to build self-confidence and learning skills. The school works with students through academics and residential settings to provide mentors, athletics and clubs, community service opportunities, and goal attainment for students in sixth through 12th grades with learning challenges.

Students can qualify for dual enrollment in postsecondary schools, complete college and career preparation, and internships in fields of their interest. Vanguard is a co-educational boarding and day school where students overcome past hurdles and gain a wide spectrum of skills to discover their potential.

For more information, call 863-676-6091 or visit You may also visit the school for a personal tour: 22000 U.S. 27, Lake Wales, FL 33859.

Woodward Academy

With renowned college-preparatory academics and a community defined by its geographic, racial, spiritual, economic, and cognitive diversity, Woodward Academy is Atlanta at its best. From pre-K through 12th grade, Woodward is a place where a child can study Gauguin and golf, Copernicus and coding, rhetoric and robotics—all in one day.

With 2,500 students across two campuses spanning 133 acres, complemented by the intimacy of a 6:1 student-teacher ratio, Woodward offers the vast resources and opportunities of a college or university coupled with the intimacy and attention of home. Students learn how to think about and engage in the world outside of themselves, making a commitment to do their best, and gaining the confidence to make a difference. This shared purpose is something the school calls The Woodward Way.

Woodward challenges its students to explore new academic frontiers and reach their fullest potential. What does success look like? Look no further than the 25 AP classes, renowned Transition Program for students with mild learning differences, 86 student clubs, 75 yearly arts performances, and 18 varsity sports. Woodward’s Global Connections Program offers extensive international study abroad programs, and its innovative STEAM programs are woven into the curriculum—from coding for kindergarteners to the Independent Scientific Research program, which pairs juniors and seniors with university professors to work on real-world problems.

At Woodward, students don’t just gain knowledge. The Woodward Way imbues them with skills and traits such as respect, social awareness, empathy, open-mindedness, accountability, and dedication to service, which will serve them throughout their lives and enable them to make their mark in the world. A typical Woodward Academy graduating class attends more than 100 different colleges and universities, devotes 5,000 hours to community service, and earns more than $15 million in scholarship awards. For more information, visit or call 404-765-4001.

Whitefield Academy

Whitefield Academy’s college-preparatory education is built on Christ-centered values and beliefs, enabling students to succeed in both college and life. Whitefield teachers engage deeply with their students in the pursuit of knowledge and truth with shared experiences, grace and accountability. And because students are known, valued, and loved, they thrive academically and are equipped to face the challenges of the future.

Located just off I-285 in Smyrna, Whitefield maintains a solid academic reputation with its numerous Advanced Placement and honors courses, and a rigorous curriculum that sets the framework for 100 percent of its graduates to matriculate to colleges and universities. With more than 50 sports teams, including 20 varsity squads, Whitefield athletes have multiple opportunities for both participation and success.

Whitefield’s award-winning fine arts programs and newly debuted Innovation Lab are allowing students to explore and develop their passions in theater, music, and visual arts, as well as STEM subjects, such as engineering and robotics. For more information about Whitefield Academy or to register for a virtual tour, visit


For additional information about the schools listed here, including location, class size and open house dates, see our “Beyond the Basics” guide.



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